And Christmas Packages Are All In!

There weren’t many things to come in the mail this year, but all of them are in.  All of our Christmas donations are here too.  We’ve got packages everywhere.  I don’t think the kids need anything more this year, between the gifts we’ve got, the general bombardment of gifts from my aunt, and the gifts from my parents and sister.  We’re doing a Christmas marathon this year, dragging it out over four days.

It feels kind of good to have all the packages in right about now.  I just wish we had more hiding places for presents because we’ve got a lot to hide.  Last year they were hidden in the room that’s now my room, and that would be a little obvious.  This year they’re taking over the other responsible adult’s room, though I think we’re going to need to do a better job of hiding them or they’ll be found out.

We didn’t have much on order this year.  We had some workbooks for my littlest.  We ordered a printer and ink, which I’m really excited about, but we didn’t get any paper yet.  That’s something we should really change.  There was a stuffed dragon from Go Dog for Nika.  We ended up splurging and getting her a travel water bowl and Hover Craft from Ruffwear.  She also got her boots, which fit just fine, and her K-9 Overcoat.  That means she’s got plenty of gifts.  That leaves all of our gifts on order, at least through the holidays, at our house.

As for the donations, I have no idea what we’ve got.  The gifts from the National Honors Society are all wrapped.  We’re not going to know what those are until the day of.  I’m really hoping the kids get some good stuff, but I don’t know, obviously.  The stuff from the VA I don’t know about either.  I don’t want to open it up to investigate until the kids have gone to bed and we can do it without the kids knowing.  It’s hard to maintain the illusion of Santa if they all see the gifts before Christmas.

I’m finally feeling like I can make it through the holiday.  I’m not as confident as I was at the end of last year, but I think I can do it.  I just need to make it through to tax season so I can finally get a car and make my life easier again.  Next year things will be better, I’m sure of that, but for now this is going to have to do.

I have to admit, I’m exhausted by all of this and it’s not even Christmas yet.  I’m looking forward to it all being over.  Usually I like this time of year.  It’s the music, the excitement, the decorations, but I’ve barely been out.  I haven’t been watching Christmas movies.  All in all I’ve been pretty much a loner.  It hasn’t had the excitement of years past.  Something about not having a car and hardly leaving the house to do shopping and things really kind of killed it for me.  I’m really hoping we can get a car so next year would be so much better.  Getting out of the house this way is so hard.


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