Christmas Day and Chinese Food

Today was actually a pretty good day.  It didn’t seem all that much different than a regular day, aside from the opening of presents.  There was no great ceremony, no family visiting or to visit.  It was just kind of quiet.

I have to admit, it was kind of nice to have a chill Christmas.  It felt kind of anticlimactic to have nowhere to go and nothing to do.  There’s always something much more special about having family to visit or having visitors at the house.  Because the presents from my family are coming with my family, there wasn’t that craziness either.  It was a pretty sedate, chill kind of day.

The end of our Christmas always caps off the same way, with Chinese food.  Now, let me tell you, Chinese food always costs so much.  It’s almost not worth the money spent, aside from the leftovers that undoubtedly always occur.  We almost went with sushi, which would have come out to about the same, but Chinese food is the tradition.  Maybe we’ll do sushi for our anniversary or Valentine’s or something.  We’re not really a couple, but we’re just kind of rolling with things at this point, and our anniversary is kind of the point at which this crazy ride happened, so it’s only fitting that we continue to mark the day we began a life together as a family.  Besides, I’m finding I really like sushi.

Now I just have two more trying days to get through.  Tomorrow my parents and my sister are coming over to celebrate Christmas.  The day after that my aunt and uncle will be over some time after the inspector drops in.  As if I didn’t have enough stress with the holidays, having that inspection hanging over me doesn’t help.  Thankfully the majority of the graffiti has been painted over, and we have intentions to keep on painting until it’s done, so hopefully we’ll be able to get through without too much issue.

In the mean time, I get to go eat.


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