Nika Cola

14316050_10154630848076055_573478927_oThis is Nika Cola.  She came to us as simply “Nika”, but being Fallout fans, we had to tweak her name just a bit.  Nika reminded me of Nuka Cola, and therefore Nika Cola became the name.  Originally we were considering calling her Dogmeat, after the German Shepherd in that, but no, Nika Cola stuck, and that is forever what she will be called.

Nika is a purebred German Shepherd Dog.  One could technically say she’s from Germany, but seeing as she wasn’t even born when she arrived, I would say that’s kind of cheating on claiming a nationality.  However, it was really neat to open up her folder with her pedigree and see her dad’s papers all written out in German.  She’s all official with her AKC registration and everything else.  She is definitely a beautiful dog.

14284933_10154630848081055_169313482_oShe isn’t just any old dog either.  Nika is a trained service dog.  As much as I wanted to go through the process of training my own, I’m kind of glad I didn’t.  Obedience is strong with this one, which makes focusing on her as an accommodation is far easier.  She’s already got some good skills, skills that will only be added to in the future.  She’s exactly what I was looking for in a service dog.

Not only will she be doing service work, but we’re also considering taking it to some other levels.  We’re putting some serious consideration into confirmation showing, obedience, and maybe even some agility.  On top of that, she really likes hiking, though she’s a bit skittish about anything that buzzes, being poked with sticks, really anything that isn’t just normal everyday stuff.  In time she’ll get used to it, and undoubtedly we’ll add camping and backpacking to the mix.

If you want to follow the adventures of Nika Cola, the Instagram appears in the sidebar.  Feel free to follow her for all the latest adventures.  I will also be sharing stories about her as a part of the blog.  We’re looking forward to a lot of good stuff together.